Funds for Fosters

Fostering is so rewarding but it comes with a few financial costs! When I decided to start fostering, I knew I wanted to foster through a small rescue. I wasn’t sure which one, but I wanted to find a group with hardworking, animal-loving people who could possibly benefit from amazing generosity of the Coop Kitty Community. I found just who I was looking for in Save Our Strays/Purrfect Love Cat Rescue!

Save Our Strays and Purrfect Love Cat Rescue are two very small 501(c)3 non-profit cat rescues in Birmingham, AL. They are currently in the process of combining forces and merging their rescues so for the time being, we’ll refer to them as Save Our Strays/Purrfect Love.

Save Our Strays/Purrfect Love pays for the vetting and spay/neuter for every single kitty that comes their way and that cost adds up! Adoption fees cover a part of the vetting costs but more times than not, the adoption coordinator pays the difference out of her own pocket. What about food, toys, beds, litter, etc? The rescue relies on donations from the public and if donations don’t cover everything, the coordinator purchases those items out of her own pocket.

Fostering isn’t all the rescue does! The owner of Purrfect Love Cat Rescue feeds and spays/neuters feral colonies in the area. Much of the cost to care for the colonies often comes out of her own pocket.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we as a community could help relieve some of the financial/supply burdens on these rescues? I’ve worked with the adoption coordinator to create an Amazon Wish List for foster supplies as well as supplies for the feral colonies. Out of all the things that can be bought on Amazon nowadays, vet care isn’t one of them so we’ve also created this fundraiser to help offset the costs of vetting the foster kitties!

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