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Hi! My name is Julia Davis and a little over a ¬†year ago, I moved into a house that came with a chicken coop. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that chicken coop was home to a cat left behind by the house’s previous tenant. After asking TikTok what we should name the scraggly floof-ball in the backyard, we collectively decided on the name Chicken Cooper or Coop for short.
If you’ve seen our story, you may know that finding Coop in the backyard was just the beginning. Over the next several weeks, 3 more abandoned/feral cats joined our crew. As I documented our crazy little journey on TikTok, a community of coop-kitty enthusiasts began to form. Many people in the community share kind words in the comment sections of our videos which has created such a positive atmosphere in our little corner of the internet. But then something amazing and totally unexpected happened-I mentioned that I had created an Amazon wishlist, and within a couple of days, packages started arriving at our door. Food, toys, beds, treats, medicines, anything and everything the cats could possibly need was arriving on our doorstep. Caring for the cats became a collective group effort without me ever having to ask. Aside from physical goods, people from the community also donated funds to help pay for the cat’s vet bills. The amazing thing about it is that I never had to ask. I would mention a need for the cats and time after time, the coop kitty community showed up and met those needs.
I don’t think I could ever describe just how much I adore and appreciate the Coop Kitty Community. You all have shown me just how kind people can be-not just in your actions and gifts, but also in your words. In a time when it can be hard to believe in the goodness of others, our community on TikTok has single-handedly proven to me that goodness still exists. It has also shown me that community can be anywhere-even online on a clock app!
I have seen with my own eyes just how life-changing community support can be. I think it would be wonderful to let others experience that support and kindness as well. So with that being said, this fund is not for the coop kitties but for others! Funds raised here will be used in a variety of ways- to pay off a stranger’s vet bills, to sponsor spay and neuter clinics, to buy food for shelters, the possibilities are endless! And all of it is made possible by all of you- the Coop Kitty Community.
“Community is about much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.” – Brian Solis
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